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Weiss & Szabó Law Offices

Legal services to companies

General Corporate

The firm provides full legal corporate service range for various companies. The services include, among others, providing advice and legal opinions concerning transactions involving parties with controlling interests; obligations of office holders; allocation, splitting and consolidation of securities; declaration of dividends; as well as providing all services within the Hungarian corporate law to be performed at the court of companies. We gained extensive practice in founding different types of companies (limited liability partnership, limited liability companies, shareholding companies, etc.) together with preparing all connected documents and representing the companies throughout their operation as well as their winding up or liquidation.

Labour Law

The firm provides counselling on generally occurring labour law questions relating to the operation of our clients. We also assist companies with drafting labour law contracts, and other related legal documents. Our colleagues gained knowledge within labour law in the private as well as the public sector, and represented employers, employees as well as trade unions. We assist our foreign clients in obtaining visas, residency or labour law permit.


Through our taxation expert, our firm provides advice on certain aspects of tax planning and structuring with local and international considerations, including formation of a company, choice of jurisdiction in which to incorporate and trustee services. In case of such requests, the firm can ascertain the applicable local (municipality) taxes as well.

Litigation, dispute resolution

Our colleagues have extensive experience in all fields of business and commercial litigation and dispute resolution. We represent clients in front of different courts of all levels (ranging from district courts to the Supreme Court of Hungary) in their lawsuits, as well as in front arbitration panels.

The litigation practice covers real estate law and all areas of commercial law, including companies' law, securities law, contract law and labour law.


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