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Real estate development

Real Estate

The firm provides legal services covering all aspects of real estate:

Complex land purchases including the prevailing due diligence, land status modification, residential and commercial development, construction, finance, leasing and sale transactions.

Residential development including escorting the project from the sale and purchase phase through the bank financing, agreement with contractor, architect etc. till the establishment of the condominium and all through the guarantee period.

Projects Finance

As part of the firm's area of practice we provide the structuring, negotiating and documenting financing agreements, including loan and credit facility agreements and security documents. We have fruitful relationship with different commercial banks and credit advisors.

Administrative Law

Real estate transactions are often connected to administrative law, and procedure in front of different administrative authorities. Assistance in the course of obtaining governmental or municipality permits, negotiations with various authorities in relation to a certain transaction /operation of the clients is also the part of the firm's activity. Our colleagues have dealt with i.e. obtaining different permits in the course of real estate transactions (building permit, occupancy permit, change of legal status of real estates, etc.), with wide range of legal actions in front of land registration offices.



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